Barnes Hospital was founded by Robert Barnes, a renowned victorian philanthropist, in 1875 and served as a convalescent hospital for the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Patients were sent here to “recover their health and strength in an open countryside setting”. It closed in 1999.

At the heart of Barnes Village is the hospital building itself, a notable example of the French Gothic Revival style so prevalent in municipal architecture of the late Victorian period. It was Grade II listed in 1999 but sadly decayed over the following decades.

Henley’s painstaking repair and restoration of the landmark building has brought a new chapter to life, allowing you to be part of its incredible history.  Less than 25 homes now remaining on the market (May 2020).

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The apartments and townhouses created inside and around the old hospital itself form the heart of the new village. The grounds have been carefully landscaped to offer the perfect setting to 155 new family homes. Your property is part of a new quarter for Stockport, a new village but with accessible transport connections. Truly the best of both worlds.